Diablo 2 Necromancer Summon Build Guide

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Necromancers are the characters within Diablo 2 which are most commonly used to summon for attacks. This can give a wide range of abilities to any player who is using one of these characters. It can also be quite a bit of fun to try the different summons, seeing what they can bring to help them fight the enemy.

Basic Character Info:
When using a Necromancer Summon character, you are going to want to have a focus with bone spells as well. Between using minions and having a number of bone spells at your disposal, you will easily be able to hold your own in combat. Since this character deals heavily with magic over physical combat, you are going to want to pay special attention to their stat distribution throughout the game.

Character Stats:
Strength: You will want to have enough strength on the character to carry all of the equipment that you will need. This can include having a little extra left over so that you can equip new pieces as needed.

Dexterity: You should have enough dexterity to help you avoid as many attacks as possible, although this isn’t always helpful. It is hard to avoid elemental attacks and as your character grows, your Bone armor will become stronger and stronger.

Vitality: This is always the most important area of building a character because the more points that you pour into vitality, the more health your character will have. Every possible spare point should be sent into vitality.

Energy: Since the Summon Necromancer character uses a great deal of mana, you should consider having this number at least around 50. You will need a great deal of mana charms if you do not build up your energy, so you will need to at least find a balance between these two to have sufficient energy.

Character Skills:
As a Summon Necromancer character, you are going to have three different types of skills available to you. Curses can be placed against enemy characters. Bone and Poison will be skills which you can use on the offensive. Summons will help you call forth minions to aid you in your fight.

Curses – Amp is the only curse which is vitally important for a strong Necromancer, although throwing points into Decertify, Confuse, Dim, and Attract can all help as well.

Bone and Poison – Each of these can be used on the offensive, although Bone is the stronger choice as it can affect armor as well. Either Bone Spirit or Spear can offer a great deal of damage to those you cast it against. Bone Prison will also help to keep enemies at bay when you need it the most.

Summons – Using summons can help to call skeletons or golems to aid you in the battle. The more points you allocate to these sections, the stronger your minions will become and the better they can aid you in the battle.

Character Gear:
The different gear that your Summon Necromancer wears will not only aid them in their life and vitality throughout the battle, but can add a boost to their offensive skills. Making the best options when equipping your character will give you the strongest advantage when a battle comes.

Wands – Gravenspine is a good wand to use during the lower levels. It will give you enough of a boost while still being affordable. The Torch of Iro is a good upgrade as the game goes on, although Blackhand will give you extra curses to perform. Umes can give a large boost to the Decrepify spell, which can aid you immensely.

Shields – Using a shield will give you the best chance of blocking attacks coming your way. Both Rhyme Head and Splendor Head will give you a larger skill bonus, although Homunculus will give you more rune slots for bigger resists. It is considered to be the strongest shield.

Helm – The helm that you choose for your Necromancer Summon character will give them a boost when it comes to their normal tasks. Finding the Harlequin Crest, Perfect Topaz, or Perfect Skull can give you the biggest advantage.

Armor – The type of armor that you have will not only play a role in how well you are able to defend yourself, but will make a large difference in how well you can work with your army. If you are using the Enigma armor, you will actually have the ability to teleport your entire army. This can give a great boon to your strength and effective combat.

The other accessories that you use will be able to affect certain stats on your character. Some will raise your vitality or your dexterity, while others can give a bonus to your strength or mana. The rune slots on each of these pieces will be important as well as certain properties can be satisfied with those slots. With these basics, however, you should be able to start a strong Summon Necromancer and become more effective in battle.


3 Responses to “Diablo 2 Necromancer Summon Build Guide”
  1. yo man says:

    There are some dangerous missile-based enemies in hell, so max block can save your butt..

    As a summoner your shouldnt worry too much about bone skills, because they do low dmg when you cant put points into synegies (most in summoning skill tree). Except CE of course.

    It depends on your game style, if you need enigma. Revives usually dissapears when you run, so then enigma is good. But if you want to run and kill everything (maybe rune searching?) then just get +skills items.

    Arm of king leoric is one of the best summoner weapons in the game.

  2. dempsey says:

    I’ve not been in hell difficulties but i’m running nm hc. I strongly suggest not put any points into bonespear or wall. When ur are at higher lvl you will regret putting even 1 point into it couse u need them all. Being able to use different curses is good but just 1 point into it and maybe max our just 1. You will get your boost from + skills. Remember you are building a summoner and you use mana but I will not put a point into it, instead get some nice gear and you have enough mana to summon and resummon all of ur pets. Some will say get max block so you need dexentry but why not using all of your minions as defence. Basically enough str and dex to use your best armor and rest goes into vit.

  3. Richard says:

    what about lvling strength

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