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A Bowazon is the nickname of any character in Diablo 2 who is of the Amazon class who uses a bow as her primary weapon. While other players can use bows, none of them can develop their skills as far-reaching as the Bowazon can. For these characters, a bow is simply an additional weapon to use in certain cases. This makes the Bowazon into the only major character in Diablo 2 who will use a bow as her primary form of attack.

Basic Bowazon Info:
The character balance of a Bowazon is directly balanced in one area while in others, is completely unstacked. All of the skills of the Bowazon are directly proportional and work together well. The optimal stats allocation for a Bowazon is completely unbalanced, however, allowing you to stack her according to your wants and needs. This will turn a Bowazon into an efficient fighter, helping you to be a strong player with a range of skills. Many new players find that Bowazons are some of the strongest and quickest players to level up and this is for good reason. Using a Bowazon allows you to have a very accurate strike ratio for hitting and killing enemies, long before they ever reach you.

Character Stats:
The stats of a Bowazon should be carefully monitored. Overspending in one area will do you no good because it can hold you back in other areas. Making sure that you are spreading your allocated stat points with a Bowazon is important, for you want her to be as strong as she can possibly be.

Strength: The entire purpose of strength allocation points with the Bowazon is to have enough to cover your equipment. You do not want or need any more strength. Your character uses a bow for her weapon. All of her attacks are range-based. Having excess strength will simply be a waste of points.

Dexterity: Dexterity can be one of the most important qualities for a Bowazon to carry. It increases the power of the hits you cast as well as the frequency that you hit your targets. Putting all of your extra points on dexterity is important.

Vitality: Vitality is important because it will add to the life of your Bowazon. You will need to have enough life to survive a few hits, you shouldn’t need to go overboard with your amount of vitality. A Bowazon should successfully take down all of her enemies before they reach her, stopping them from ever successfully striking her.

Energy: The rates of growth for energy and mana are a waste for a Bowazon. All of the energy and mana that you need can come through using leeches.

Skill Selection:
Typical Bowazons will only use two out of the available three skill trees. Bows and Crossbows will obviously want to be built up, as will the Passive and Magic skills.

You are going to want to have the maximum levels for Freezing Arrow, Multiple Shot, and Guided Arrow. This will allow you to deal the maximum amount of cold damage with each arrow along with firing as many shots as you can in a given amount of time. The Guided Arrow will send your shots flying home, causing the most amount of damage with vital areas.

The rest of the skills, you will want to give them one point each. This can give you a basic amount of coverage and allow you to have a basic range of skills that could come in handy.

Bowazon Equipment:
Figuring out the strongest equipment for your Bowazon based on your particular strategy of game play can be important to building your character as strong as possible. Some pieces look great, giving your character a flashy appearance. Others come off as just weird, but can have a strong purpose and can aid with the game. Figuring out what works best for you is important.


  1. Mavina’s True Sight – This is the helm that will help you look great while still offering a great deal of power. Even though it is a bit overpriced, it will help your Bowazon look her best and still have 45 IAS.
  2. Tal Rasha’s Horadric Crest – This helm looks downright strange on your Bowazon, yet offers the best mods to your character that you could hope to find.
  3. Sigon’s Visor – This is one of the cheaper helms which still offers the strongest bonuses a Bowazon could find at a cheaper level.


  1. 160/60 xxx Armor of the Whale – This is godly armor for your Bowazon. It is extremely difficult to find, but can offer ED, IAS, and still add 100 to your life.
  2. Lionheart – This armor can be made from taking lighter armor and applying a runeword to it. It will give maximum benefits and bonuses to all stats.
  3. Twitchthroe – This armor will help to increase blocking, IAS, strength, and dexterity. It is one of the best armors that a Bowazon could use.

Main Weapon:

  1. Cruel Bows – These are the best options that you could pick. They have both large damage and great speed.
  2. Windforce – This bow is a godly bow, offering you large physical damage, mana leech, and Knockback.
  3. Lycander’s Aim – This bow will give you a +4 to skills, additional mana leech, and healthy damage and speed.

Many other items, such as gloves, boots, and belts can all add to the strength, dexterity, and vitality of your Bowazon. Figuring out the best forms of each accessory will rely heavily on your particular style of game play. Experimentation will be recommended, as this will give you the best option for building your character exactly as you want. You may wish to have a Mercenary, which can help when fighting a great deal of monsters.

Through enough experimentation and play, you should be able to build your Bowazon into a strong warrior that you can quickly raise to the maximum level and have a godly experience with!


3 Responses to “Diablo 2 Bowazon Build Guide”
  1. chanho says:

    well u didnt really get very deep into the equip or the skills

    imo the best armour is fort because of the massive damage bonus. u also didnt get into valk and those other very important skills. although i am a multi shot fan. i NEVER put 20 points into it because of the massive mana cost. although a good zon has mana leech, full 20 is crazy. IMO 5 multi shot and 20 strafe. they are best when used together. the skills from armour will add to the multishot.

    pretty nice guide overall.

  2. alex says:

    Thanks for the cut and dry info. I’m returning to the game after a 4 year break and it’s nice to have the basics covered so plainly without a whole lot of wasted blah blah blah. Thanks mate!

  3. Olly says:

    Same for me, helped me heaps to get back into it ;-)

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