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Using a Sorceress in Diablo 2 gives you the ability to have a strong character that can deal with a range of magic. Figuring out the spells which are best suited to your ideal game play can help you build a strong Sorceress that you will have fun using. The Sorceress will be one character that you will come back to over and over again because of everything she offers you.

Basic Character Info:
The Sorceress character is one that can be given a range of magic to use during her offensive and defensive positions. When you use a Blizzard Sorceress, however, you are focusing all of your energy into one form of the magic, leveling it up to its highest possible potential. While you may run into a few situations where this type of character will have problems, in the vast majority of the time, a Blizzard Sorceress can effectively deal with anything coming her way.

Character Stats:
It is important when building a Blizzard Sorceress that you allocate your character stats in a way that will keep her protected and strong while her magic skills are still low, but that you have enough emphasis on the attributes that you need to help her fully grow.

Strength: The only strength points that you really need are enough to handle all of the equipment that you want to use. Not very many points should be used in the strength category, for even if you want to carry items with a high strength need, you should lower those points as much as possible with runes.

Dexterity: When building dexterity with a Blizzard Sorceress, you are either going to want to have a high or a low dexterity. Building up your dexterity as much as possible will help you to avoid taking both ranged and melee hits. This will also keep you from putting these points into Vitality, however, which will turn into the amount of health that you have. It is a fine line to walk.

Vitality: The vitality of a Blizzard Sorceress is one that every point you put into vitality turns into only two health points. This makes it important to put as much vitality into your character as you can, at least until you can build up your dexterity into as high of a block as you can. Otherwise, you could very easily die with one hit.

Energy: Energy levels will directly relate into how many spells you can cast and how effective they will be. The more points that you pour into energy, the better you will be toward casting spells frequently. Of course, as you start to level up, you can naturally gain energy and mana through leeches and other tools. Using potions often can keep you from having to attribute any points into energy.

Character Skills:
When building up the specific skills of a Blizzard Sorceress, you are obviously going to need to pour everything you have into the cold spells that are available. From here, you will be able to make your character as strong as possible.

Fully Charged Spells – Building up blizzard, ice blast, glacial spike, and cold mastery will help you to have the strongest influence possible when fighting enemies. Getting each of these up to level 20 will help you with that.

Lesser Spells – You should have your Ice Bolt to a level of 10 or higher, although it does not need to get much higher than that. You will need to fill pre-requisites, static field, teleport, and warmth to also keep your Blizzard Sorceress as strong as she can be.

You will also need to choose a form of armor for your Blizzard Sorceress and the type that you choose will be more of a skill than an accessory. Three types are available to these Sorceresses.

Chilling Armor – This is an armor which will shoot an ice bolt at any ranged attacker who fires upon you. It will also give you a large defense bonus.

Frozen Armor – This armor only gives you a small bonus to your defense, but will completely free any melee attacker who manages to strike you.

Shiver Armor – This armor will give you the highest defense bonus possible from this form of armor and will deal cold damage to any attacker who happens to hit you during a melee attack.

Character Equipment:
The equipment that you give your Blizzard Sorceress will help her in becoming the strongest sorceress possible. The helm that you give her will aid with her mana leeching, give additional skills and slots for runes. The weapon you place in her hands can add to the cold damage possible as well as the number of skills that you can possess. Some will add to your highest possible spell casting rate and your dexterity as well.

While a shield may take more strength points, it will also help you with avoiding taking more hits. Belts, gloves, boots, and rings will add to your dexterity, strength, and energy levels. They can also easily boost your skills. All of these features will come into play when you need to make your Blizzard Sorceress as strong as possible. When looking for a place to start, however, using this basic guide will start you out on the right foot.

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