How To Grush (Glitch Rush)

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Grushing has become an extremely popular way to rush characters and level in Diablo 2.  If you are just coming back to the game or starting new then you have a question and I believe it goes something like this…

What the hell does Grush mean?

Grush is short for glitched rush.  The whole thing behind it is getting your character rushed to hell without having to do the ancients quest.

Normally, in order to advance past the ancients quest you have to be level 20 in Normal, 40 in Nightmare, and 60 in Hell but with doing a grush you don’t have to meet those level requirements (except for Hell and we’ll cover that in a minute).  This is what makes it possible for level 1 characters to be in Hell difficulty.

How do you do a Grush?

It’s pretty simple and for this part I’m going to assume you are the one getting rushed.

First off, just get rushed like you normally would from Act 1 to Act 5.  (Yeah, yeah…Act 2 is a pain and takes forever.)

Once you are at Act 5 then you must help find a player who meets the level requirements to do the Ancients quest but hasn’t done it yet.  Invite them to your party and have the rusher and the Ancients quest guy go and kill the Ancients while you are sitting in Harrogath.

Once done correctly, the Ancients quest guy will get his quest and you will be able to go on.  Next just have the rusher go and kill Baal while you are in town and you will get the quest complete once Baal is dead, which triggers you to move on to the next difficulty.

On a short side note, once you beat a difficulty you will have to relog into before it will allow you to make a new game at the higher difficulty.

This works the same at each difficulty except for Hell.  For Hell you will have to be level 60 in order to do Ancients but for fast leveling up to that point I recommend doing Chaos runs until level 60, which won’t take much time at all.  :)

Have fun!

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